About MuniMod

MuniMod is a civic innovation program powered by the Florida League of Cities and Domi Station. We’re looking for teams to represent their university in a competition to modernize municipal government across Florida.

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About the Florida League of Cities

The Florida League of Cities is the united voice for Florida’s municipal governments. Its goals are to serve the needs of Florida’s cities and promote local self-government.

Program Benefits

  • $10,000 Grand Prize
  • $5,000 Second Pace
  • $300 Stipend Upon Completion
  • World Class Advisors & Mentors
  • The Chance to Improve Civic Life

Program Overview

MuniMod is statewide competition. University teams attend virtual webinars to learn about city government. Applying this knowledge, the teams will develop solutions for cities, leading up to the final sprint at the MuniMod hackathon in Orlando.

Program Details

Program Dates
April 7-8, 2018

Modern Municipal Government Starts Here!

Civic Progress Demands Civic Innovation

Civic Services

Civic Services

Municipal Utilities and Infrastructure.

Civic Life

Civic Life

MuniMod Drives Innovation at the Core of Civic Life.

Civic Analytics

Civic Analytics

Data Both Big and Small

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Public Participation and Outreach.

MuniMod Experience

MuniMod culminates with an experience that brings all participating teams together to build and pitch their civic innovation. Each team represents their university and competes for a $10,000 grand prize!

Let's Build Better Cities!

Please, email John Dailey if you're interested in participating.